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The first meeting between the artist and client is to discuss the specific purpose of the portrait painting, such as composition, setting, apparel, mood, tone, background and size. Once these thing are resolved, the photograph session then proceeds. The artist will schedule a follow-up meeting for the client to review the photographs and work with the client to select best reference proofs for the painting (If necessary any additional photographs can be taken at that point).

After the portrait painting is completed at the artist's studio, a photograph of the painting is submitted to the client for preview or by coming to the studio to see the original painting (At which time any necessary additional touches are made to ensure the client’s total satisfaction). Upon final approval, the delivery of the portrait painting will be arranged. Various style and quality frames are available for the client’s selection at our low prices.

• If the client has a particular favored photograph and wishes to use it for the painting, the artist can do so and even will incorporate the client’s ideas to make any necessary changes or re-creation.

• If the photograph of the subject is not available the portrait can be created using any available photographs (As a posthumous portrait).

• For each additional subject add 70% of the fee for people and 20% of the fee for animals or pets.

• 40% deposit is required at the beginning of a portrait.The balance is due upon completion of the commissioned portrait and acceptance by the client.

• The fees listed do not include frame, shipping or sales tax where applicable.

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